Ok, so you are there, you have your rebreather, lime & O2 - so now what?

The Diving

As a dyed in the wool UK wreck diver & having done my research before I went, I knew that I wouldn't be diving deep virgin wrecks covered in brass.  In that respect I wasn't disapointed.  What I did get however was easy relaxed diving in 50m+ vis in the aforementioned 32deg crystal blue sea. Having never seen "real" sharks underwater, apart from the odd dogfish on the South Coast of England, sharks & other pelagics were high on my list of "must sees"

The Shipyard

Prodivers have around 40 dive sites that they use around Kuredu.  Most of these are within a 45minute boat trip of the island.  The sites include "The Shipyard" which has the remains of 2 tuna fishing boats that "mysteriously" hit the same reef 2 years apart & both belonged to the same company.  Today, one of the boats lays on its port side in around 28m, the other boat is about 40m away & is rammed up onto the reef.  The bow sticks out of the water by about 6m whilst the stern sits in 28m.  Both wrecks are home to a myriad of marine life & offer excellent opportunities for photographers.


























And below





The dive sites are reached using traditional dive Dhonis, these offer ample bench seating & shade from the truly ferocious sun.  Entry into the sea is by stepping off at a convenient point, re-entry onto the boat is by ladder.  Post dive refreshments are provided in the form of tea & coffee, banana cake & slices of fresh coconut, all very welcome.

Kuredu Express

Another very popular dive site & my personal favourite. This is literally 10 minutes by boat from the quayside & is situated on the tip of the island itself.  The site is a channel between Kuredu & an adjoining uninhabited sand spit.  Depending on the state of the tide, a current flows through the channel from the Indian Ocean into the atoll, or vice versa.  This current brings nutrients that support the food chain all the way upto grey reef sharks & assorted rays.  I had 4 memorable dives at this site, 2 of which were with Ray Van Eeden.  We took out a boat with just the 2 of us & the boat crew, we were both on Inspirations & had the site to ourselves.  We spent an incredible 40 or so minutes out in the blue before coming inshore & working our way up the reef to give a total dive time of 60 minutes, no bubbles, no hassle just us & the fish.

The night after the first dive, we overheard a conversation in the Akiri bar between 2 blokes at the next table, it went something on the lines of :-

"Humph, seen that bloke with the Inspiration"


"Can't see why you'd want to lug one of those things all the way out here"

"Nope, can't see why you'd want one in the first place, they cost a f****g fortune"

Well if those guys are reading this..............













©Ray Van Eeden



















©Ray Van Eeden






You had to be there!

Thanks Ray for a truly memorable experience.

The Caves

This site, like "Express" is on the doorstep, infact it's perfectly feasible to snorkel this site from the island, something we did on a number of occasions.  The site is on the opposite side of the island to the jetty & the house reef.  Although called "The Caves" the site actually consists of a series of coral overhangs starting at about 12m & continuing down in terraces to about 28m.  The normal way to dive this site is to start at one end of the reef at the 25-28m mark & zig-zag back & forth working your way up into the shallows.  One of the other things to see which featured high on our list was turtles, & this is the place. 

The Green Sea Turtle can reach around 2m in length, these beautiful creatures use the "Caves" formed by the coral to rest & sleep.  We never failed to see turtles at this site, either free swimming or asleep.  They seem pretty un-fazed by divers & allow you to get quite close before swimming off.